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University of Colorado Colorado Springs

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Welcome to the Excel Communication Center appointment scheduler! To get started, register for an account by clicking the link to the left. 

To schedule an appointment from August 22nd-October 7th, choose "Fall Schedule".  To make an appointment from October 10th-December 16th, choose "Fall Schedule 2".

Due to the fact that we offer tutoring in the subjects of Communication and Philosophy for all students in all majors, please choose your tutor by subject (Communication or Philosophy).

30 Minute Appointments: (Please schedule a separate appointment for EACH service)

(Communication) One-on-one tutoring
(Communication) Outlining assistance
(Communication) Presentation practice
(Communication) PowerPoint and Prezi assistance
(Communication) Presentation feedback (viewing)
(Communication) Presentation filming

60 Minute Appointments: (Please schedule a separate appointment for EACH service)
(Communication) Mock Interviews/Virtual Mock Interviews
(Communication) Group Facilitation
(Philosophy) Critical Thinking
(Philosophy) Ethics
(Philosophy) Intro to Philosophy
(Philosophy) Symbolic Logic