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***Updated Information***

Welcome to the UCCS Excel Communication Center! To register for an account, click on the link to the left. Be sure to use only your UCCS student email account information (no Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

Reschedule and Cancellation Policy – Appointments must be rescheduled or cancelled at least 24-hours before the scheduled appointment time. Regardless of the method of cancellation (online, by email, or by voicemail), any appointment cancelled with less than 24-hours’ notice will be marked as “missed”. Failure to properly cancel or reschedule 3 appointments will result in a blocked account. If your account is blocked, you should keep your scheduled appointments, but in order to make additional appointments you will need to meet with the Interim Director or Student Manager for system reinstatement.

Appointment Scheduling – Appointments are scheduled for either 30 or 60-minute blocks depending upon the type of service you need. You must schedule a separate appointment for EACH service. Center administrative staff routinely check appointments, so be aware that any 60-minute appointments scheduled for only 30-minutes will NOT be honored. To avoid missing assignment deadlines schedule early, contact us with questions, and use the information below to determine the correct appointment length.

30-Minute Appointments: (system default length)

Outlining Assistance
Visual Aid Assistance (SCRAP method)
Individual Presentation Practice(presentations < 15-minutes)
Individual Presentation Filming (tutor films you in our center)

Post-Presentation Viewing (video review and feedback of your filmed presentation)

60-Minute Appointments: (you must manually change the appointment end time in the drop-down box to reflect 1 hour)

Individual Presentation Practice (presentations > 15-minutes)

Group Presentation Practice (regardless of length)
Group Project Facilitation (regardless of length)

In-Center Mock Interview

Virtual (online) Mock Interview (for online students only)

(Coming Soon) Interpersonal Communication Facilitation

Make the Most of Your Appointment – Be mindful of the appointments you set! We assist thousands of UCCS students every semester, so check your syllabus and set up your appointments in advance. If you arrive 10-minutes late your appointment, please know it will be marked as a “missed” appointment.

Waitlist – Can’t get the appointment you want? Ask us how to join the system waitlist so that you can be informed (by text or email) when appointments become available.

Group Practices/Facilitations – All group members are strongly encouraged to arrive together. Group practices/facilitations will begin promptly, therefore any group member who arrives 10-minutes late will not be allowed into the practice or facilitation.

Walk-in Appointments – We welcome walk-in appointments 30 to 60-minutes before closing.

Questions? Contact us at 719-255-4770, or we are here to help!

Fall Hours – Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday 9am-2pm

Having trouble logging in? Enter your email address below and then click "Reset Password." The system will immediately email you with instructions for changing your password. If you do not receive that email in a few minutes, please check your spam filter.

Receiving unwanted text messages from this system? This system can send appointment reminder and waiting list notifications via text message, but only if a cell phone number and carrier is entered by a client when creating or updating an account on the system.

If you have an account on the system, log in to edit your profile and modify your cell phone preferences. If you do not have an account on this system, it's possible that your cell phone number was entered accidentally. Fill out the form below to remove your number immediately.